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Project Management- Refit

Your yacht's value and performance is directly related to its ongoing  technical management. Regular refit scheduling will ensure  reliability and optimum performance is maintained: the value of the boat will also be maintained. At Whitecap we have the experience and technical knowledge to consult on and manage your refit program. Our experience has honed a keen eye for detail achieving the highest standards, while working to exacting budgets and timelines. We have key experience of dealing with boat yards and managing sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure the highest standards are achieved.  We will keep you updated on progress and will present you with a comprehensive set of accounts in line with the budget and a full completion report.


  • Managing maintenance schedule
  • Appointing refit facility
  • Drawing up yard contracts
  • Managing sub contractors
  • Managing timelines
  • Managing budgets
  • Providing accounts
  • Providing refit report for record
  • Dispute resolution
  • Overseeing sea trials
  • Development and improvements